Jady's Hunting Beagles


Click on pictures for complete pedigrees !!

Jady's Gracie

Laneline Dingus X Tinker Creek Rosie

Jadys Gracie is all Rabbit Dog!! She has what I call "Grubby" hunt.Looks under every bush and brier patch and she is a check dog deluxe, gets alot of the tough checks and keeps the races going. Upper medium speed with nice line control, works a tight check area and handles like a dream!

Jady's Maryann 

Phalcos Jake X Jadys Gracie

Jadys Mary Ann is young but showing Tons of promise. She is out of my Gracie dog and has inherited many of her qualities. Breeding Jake to Gracie brought some of the old old blood back up close, Mary Ann has Grubby hunt with upper medium speed and has really good line control. She is a animal in the check area!!

Phalcos Jake X Jadys Gracie

Jadys Ginger is Mary Ann's sister and is showing all the same promises!! She has a more on the move style hunt then her sister and also has a little more speed.. Ginger can roll but without getting crazy!!

Jady's Betty

This is Betty, she isnt registered but she don't know it!! She is a jump dog deluxe..I can't begin to tell you how many rabbits she has jumped for me over the years..sometimes I think she is part rabbit and just knows where they live!! She is 12 yrs old now and I've owned her since I bottle fed her in the house the first 2 weeks of her life. Thanks for all the races Betty!!

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